A disturbing new development

Pink clouds come and go. It’s not a problem when I fall off one. In fact, it’s something of a relief to not be so crazy-ridiculous happy. Like last night, when I was leading my dance students through some stretches and I started giggling like a mad woman in child’s pose. I told the class I was remembering something funny from the day, but really, I was just happy to be alive and feeling good and not hungover. 

I still have problems. Some of them are pretty huge. I have not had the time or inclination to write about them. They all involve external factors. Me? I am fine. Better than fine. Kicking myself for not figuring out that alcohol was my biggest problem sooner than this, but fine. Absolutely no inclination to drink and ruin this. Day 48.


11 thoughts on “A disturbing new development

  1. Yey day 48 well done. The highs are great. Just enjoy them. Some people don’t like them as it makes them feel bad/worse when the pink cloud moment is over. I love that you were in fits of giggles. Just shows you don’t need booze to have a good time x

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