And this is why I don’t come here any more…

Because of shit like this:

This podcast and the intro to it which popped up in my reader this morning. I haven’t been here for a while and I thought maybe the companionship would be good. But stuff like this triggers me to the point where I wonder if immersing myself in sober blogging is perhaps the reason I haven’t been able to string together any long period of sobriety for three years. 
So you don’t have to put yourself through the personal agony, this piece of whiny and judgemental crap just heaps a whole lot of guilt upon anyone who happens to enjoy an alcohol-free beer or a nice drink in a fancy glass as a ritual at the end of the day. That will allegedly tip one right back into drinking too much.

I’ve been having some excellent results using the ideas in Annie Grace’s “This Naked Mind”. I’m feeling joyful and free and happy about sobriety. Posts like the one above dig deep into the darkest fears I’ve held about never drinking again, like that I’ll always be hyper aware of it, that everything is a trigger, that I will never feel completely safe.

I know Belle has helped a lot of people. This, however, is just saying something because she appears to have run out of things to say about sobriety. Is living an entire life talking, writing and preaching about alcohol really living a life free of alcohol?